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The OG Dress : Black

$585.00 $425.00

ONE LEFT.  The OG Vincetta piece.  It's fully lined and feels like a total dream.  Wear as a light jacket, a dress, or a long top over pants. 

Fits sizes S-3X. 

  • Signature draped cocoon shape
  • Hidden button placket
  • Relaxed, draped fit
  • One size fits all (Size 0-24)
  • Manufactured in NYC's Garment District.
  • 100% Silk sourced from Calamo Silk
  • Always hang between wears
  • Save yourself some time and do this piece a solid, wash only if absolutely necessary. It's nicer to the garment and to mama earth.
  • Spot cleaning and hand washing are always preferred. Dry clean if needed.

    Cut, Sew, + Grade : $95

    Materials : $115 

    Shipping : $5

    Total cost: $215

    Misc (labels, buttons, fusible, packaging) : $10

    Subtotal : $225

    Retail = $225 x 2.6 = $585

    *The 2.8% mark-up is allowing for marketing costs, photography, freelance work, etc.

    *The reason why the mark-up is higher on this piece is due to the limited quantity and hours put into pattern making and perfecting the fit. The cost of silk has since inflated 30%, so this price will remain the same as we cut more units in the future*


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