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Crop Mock Neck : Sienna


Simple comfy knit top styled with the crop trouser and naked blazer.

Sizes XS, M, XL, 2XL, and 3XL are made to order with a 1-2 week lead time.

  • Limited Run Style Exclusive to Vincetta 
  • Draped neck 


  • Semi-cropped length
  • Tati is a petite size 2 with a large bust wearing a size Small
  • Deadstock Wool Blend Heavyweight Knit
  • Hand made in NYC with one of our independent sewers
  • Always hang between wears (or gently rest of your sofa / kitchen chair like I do)
  • Save yourself some time and do this piece a solid, wash only if absolutely necessary. It's nicer to the garment and to mama earth.
  • Spot cleaning and hand washing are always preferred.

Cut, Sew, + Grade : $30

Materials : $10

Shipping : $5

Total cost: $45

Misc (labels, buttons, fusible, packaging) : $10

Subtotal : $55

Retail = $55 x 2.1 = $115.5 (rounded down to $112)

*The 2.1% mark-up is allowing for marketing costs, photography, freelance work, etc.

*The reason why the mark-up is lower on this piece is due to the simplicity of the style.  The development of this pattern creates significantly less overhead and production lead times.

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I'll keep rolling this breakdown out for each style!