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Curating a more thoughtful wardrobe for you. Vincetta is a movement that celebrates individuality. We create seasonless pieces that raise the bar for a new standard in fashion. Command your existence in Vincetta.

The Brand

Since day one, Vincetta has been committed to removing the barriers of labels and taking a new approach to fashion. We strive to redefine beauty. Beauty is in the everyday, in the raw moments, wearer and the clothing moving as one.

Pieces are created thoughtfully and with intent to help elevate and build your current wardrobe. Vincetta removes the effort of having to get ready yet still has a polished look to it. The pieces are intentionally designed to focus on, rather than distract from the story you are telling.

We are a true slow fashion brand, introducing fewer yet higher quality products throughout the year. Everything is designed season-less and cut in limited quantities. Our process intentional and strategic. Fewer pieces means more time and love goes into each piece. This equals better fit, higher quality, more functionality, and less waste.

The Make

Vincetta creates with an intentionally minimalist design. We engineer each seasonless piece with our notable fit and thoughtful, yet functional design details. Our conscious approach from conception to execution remains true to our philosophy of simplicity and minimalism.

We carefully source natural and deadstock materials that reflect the fluidity of our designs. Our fabrics are delicious; they feel like a dream. We put as much care into selecting our materials as we do in selecting our manufacturers. By making our clothing locally in Brooklyn and North Carolina, we put more care in every step of our production process. You’re left with pieces that feel like a hug from everyone and everything that helped bring the garment to life.

It’s not an accident that our clothing feels as good as it does. It’s so good, you’ll want to live in them year-round.

The Designer

Deanna’s story starts in Detroit. She comes from a multi-cultural family and her mother, whom she lost at a young age, is her inspiration and is the essence of what Vincetta has become. She inherited her mother’s talent for art as it became a way to create her own reality and discover the overlooked beauty among hardships. Deanna transitioned from creating art on canvas to draping fabrics. She wanted to design what she could never find: clothing with the right proportions to accommodate her curves. With Vincetta, she was committed to create clothing that would make others feel good.

. Vincetta is a concept fueled by love, loss, hope, and brokenness. The result was a sense of strength that radiates from Vincetta pieces. Deanna wanted to create a brand that felt like a home for anyone who wanted to be a part of it.

The Name

Vincetta was an idea that materialized from an unexpected source of inspiration. On a busy street in Detroit stood the Vinsetta Garage. Deanna recognized a strength in the abandoned, yet charming garage whose forgotten gas pumps and neon lights had stood the test of time. The antique garage became the stage for what would be the first Vincetta photo shoot. Heads turned to watch from the busy street and a disregarded venue was suddenly brought back to life.

In 2013—when the idea behind the brand was born—the garage became an unlikely metaphor for Vincetta where an intricate story meets unconventional beauty. Vinsetta became Vincetta, derived from the Latin word meaning “to win; to conquer,” a perfect message for the brand Vincetta was on its way to become.