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Season-less . Trend-less. Anti-Trend. Anti-Fashion (industry).

Raising the bar for a new standard in fashion.

The Brand

Since day one, Vincetta has removed the barriers of labels and taken a new approach to fashion. We're basically the "anti-fashion" fashion brand. A brand more concerned with intellectual conversation, addressing mental illness and body sensitive subjects, and calling out BS when we see it.

The name of the game is :

1) pay people a LIVABLE wage

2) don't create anything that can be found second hand or in a vintage shop

3) don't be a pretentious doodoo head. Everyone is cool here. If you're not digging it, get out.

4) look like a zam stunner with little to no effort. I (Dee) usually like to spend the least amount of time getting ready so I can do more interesting things with my time.

5) quality, fit, function. Good design does not exist without these three elements.

6) you do you. The pieces are intentionally engineered to focus on you, rather than distract from the story you are telling.

The Make

Vincetta is a true slow fashion brand, introducing fewer yet higher quality products throughout the year. Everything is intentionally designed to be minimal, trend-less, and season-less.

All styles are cut in limited quantities. Fewer pieces means more time and love goes into each piece. This equals a more valuable garment, better fit, higher quality, and less waste. Ever have a problem with any of your garments? Just hit us up and we'll be there to solve it.

Materials are carefully sourced through deadstock and sustainable vendors. Learn more about the supply chain under the ABOUT tab.

It’s no accident that Vincetta clothing makes you feel good. A lot of time and care has been put into each style. Wearing a piece is like getting a massive hug from everyone that helped bring the garment to life.

The Designer

Deanna’s story starts in Detroit. She comes from a multi-cultural family and her mother, who she lost at a young age, is her inspiration and essence of what Vincetta has become.

Enduring a difficult childhood throughout a series of unfortunate events, art and music became a way to escape, create a new reality, and work towards self-discovery.

The creation of Vincetta stemmed from a frustration with the waste created, lack of inclusivity and transparency by the fashion industry.

The girl has expensive taste (but couldn't always afford designer pieces and even if she could NOTHING ever fit!) She wanted to design what she could never find: clothing with the right proportions to accommodate her curves that had the taste level of designer clothing without the high ticket price.

With Vincetta, she was committed to create clothing that would make others feel good.

Vincetta is a concept fueled by anger, love, loss, and hope. The brand is a continuous evolution of self actualization and growth.

Deanna is always finding new ways to communicate, express through imagery, touch on provocative subjects, and connect with people on a human level.

She has created an ever growing community and brand that continues to feels like home.

The Name

On a busy street in Detroit stood the Vinsetta Garage (it has since been turned into a semi-tacky restaurant BLACH).

Deanna found something unusual and peculiar in this abandoned, yet charming garage.

This became the stage for her first photo shoot at the age of 18 and later the name of her brand.

Heads turned as a disregarded venue was suddenly brought back to life.

In 2013—when the brand was conceived, the garage became an unlikely metaphor for Vincetta where an intricate story meets unconventional beauty.

Vinsetta then became Vincetta, derived from the Latin word meaning “to win; to conquer,” a perfect message for a brand that was on its way to becoming Vincetta.