Vincetta is a sustainable womenswear brand focused on inclusivity and intentionally minimalist clothing. The design process studies the connection between mind, body, and self, with a primary focus on highlighting self exploration while emphasizing the importance of humanity through design.


Inclusion - Since the beginning, the brand has created clothing that does not subscribe to a specific size, age, or trend. It is important to us that people feel like themselves and feel good in the pieces. Our sizes now range from XS-4X.

Mental Wellness - This is such an important part of the community we are building through Vincetta. The brand aims to normalize conversations surrounding Mental Health and Social Responsibility and how the two intersect.

Sustainability - We haven't made this the forefront of our marketing because we believe this comes through clearly in how we go about creating and selling product. Sustainability is such a vast topic, but the areas in which Vincetta focuses on are ethical sourcing/production and encouraging thoughtful consumption. You can learn more about our supply chain here.

Transparency - We take pride in the work we do and the process in which it is accomplished, so taking you on that journey makes it all the more meaningful. This is an area that is a constant work in progress, especially being a one person team. As always, would love to hear from you and never hesitate to get in touch and ask for more information.

Social Responsibility - We live in a time now where this subject and business undoubtably go hand in hand. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for nothing. This is also a vast subject, but in the end, it all comes down to humanity and empathy. We are proud to be part of the change for a More Just Future.